MDAC statement on today’s US Senate vote


4 December 2012. Today the US Senate voted no to ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. 61 senators voted in favour, and 38 against, but that was less than a two-thirds majority which was needed. The successful campaign peddled lies about the CRPD's impact on abortion, home-schooling, and the role of 'UN bureaucrats'. 

MDAC is disgusted by policy-making based on lies. We are disappointed that the US remains outside the global disability rights community, which could so benefit from having it at the table. The Americans with Disabilities Act remains one of the best pieces of legislation in the world, and MDAC uses this in our advocacy.

We honour the leadership of disability activists especially at the United States International Council on Disabilities, and pay our respect to human rights activists and veterans in America who advocated tirelessly for ratification. Ultimately their passion and sense was outvoted by fear and xenophobia. MDAC hopes that the new batch of US Senators will revisit this issue, and pass the legislation which will allow the USA to join the global disability community. 

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