Czech Ombudsman: Placement in Institution Violates Human Rights

In a victory for the rights of persons deprived of legal capacity and placed in institutions by their guardians, the Czech Ombudsman issued an opinion in a case brought by MDAC and its partner organisation in the Czech Republic stating that this practice violates human rights. 

Thirty-five thousand people in the Czech Republic are deprived of their legal capacity and denied the right to make choices about the most fundamental issues in their lives, including where and with whom they live.  Mr. Cervenka was lucky enough to get out of the institution and return to the community while his case regarding his inability to challenge his detention in the institution is pending before the Czech Constitutional Court, but thousands of others across Europe remain in institutions in violation of their rights under the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and other international human rights instrument.

Click here for an English summary of the Ombudsman's opinion.

Watch the Czech news report on Mr. Cervenka’s case and the Ombudsman’s opinion, with English subtitles, below.



The original reportage is available on the Czech Television's website.

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