End cage beds

In 2003 MDAC carried out research in four countries on their use of cage beds. Cage beds are a barbaric means of confinement and restraint for adults and children used within many mental health and social institutions. The countries researched were the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia. All used these ‘beds’.

In 2013, MDAC human rights monitors returned to the Czech Republic to assess progress. A major report detailing the findings, including the high levels of coercion, has just be released (30 June 2014). You can read the press release here.

  • 'Cage beds and coercion in Czech psychiatry' (English, HTML and PDF): Click here
  • 'Klecová lůžka a používání omezovacích prostředků v českých psychiatrických zařízeních' (Czech, HTML and PDF): Click here
  • Click here for our 2003 Cage Beds Report (English, PDF)
  • To sign the petition to Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, click here

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