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The UN has criticised the practices of forced abortions and gender based violence against women in psychiatric institutions in Moldova, following a review of the country's disability rights record. »
The European Court of Human Rights has ruled in a case against Russia, criticising the poor quality of state-funded legal representation in the country, and admonishing its justice system for failing to allow people to effectively challenge their psychiatric detention. »
I would like to say a few words, on behalf of all MDAC and on my own behalf, on hearing the news that our dear client, collaborator, friend and hero Rusi Stanev has died, at the age of 61. My heart goes out to people whose lives were touched by Rusi, to the Bulgarian disability rights movement, and to my colleagues who have kindly shared their memories and thoughts about what Rusi meant to them. »
UN disability rights expert calls on Zambia to abolish Mental Disorders Act 1951, close abusive psychiatric facilities and replace them with community-based services. »


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