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Budapest (Hungary) and Strasbourg (France), 20 May 2010. Persons with disabilities placed under guardianship are one of the most vulnerable groups of Hungarian society. One reason for their exclusion is that they are automatically deprived of their basic right to participate in political decision-making. Today, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that this blanket disenfranchisement is contrary to the European Convention of Human Rights.


27 April 2010, Budapest, Hungary. Yesterday the Hungarian Constitutional Court shattered hopes that Hungary would reform its guardianship laws, jeopardizing the rights of 80,000 people with disabilities under guardianship.


16 April 2010, Budapest (Hungary), Moscow (Russian Federation). The Mental Disability Advocacy Center has completed a mission to the Russian Federation where it led discussions on ongoing reform efforts in the fields of legal capacity and guardianship in light of Russia’s forthcoming ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).


Budapest, 2010. április 8. Veszélyben az új Ptk.- Alkotmánybírósághoz fordul a májusi hatálybalépés érdekében több jogvédő és fogyatékosságügyi szervezet

The new Civil Code at risk - Human rights and disability organisations submit a petition to the Constitutional Court of Hungary in favor of ensuring that the new Code enters into force in May (English version of the full text will be available soon).

9 jogvédő és fogyatékosságügyi szervezet fordul az Alkotmánybírósághoz az új Polgári Törvénykönyv (Ptk.) hatályba lépéséről szóló törvénnyel (Ptké.) kapcsolatban.



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