24 May 2013

“Walk on!” Transforming lives through horses one step at a time

I took a day off from law last week to visit a British NGO called Circles Network. You can read about their person-centred planning on my previous OliverTalks post here. Circles Network leave labels behind, ignore impairments and discard deficits. Out in the Warwickshire countryside, non-human animals help humans learn about themselves and others. Listening happens but words need not be spoken. The extraordinary is rendered quite ordinary.
21 May 2013

Building inclusive communities through Circles of Support

Last Tuesday I went to Rugby, a town 50 minutes by train from London and spent the day with my friend Mandy Neville who runs an NGO called Circles Network. Mandy radiates positive energy and it is no wonder that this distinctive charity now has branches in all four of the countries which comprise the UK, running a range of services all focused on helping individuals and creating inclusive communities.