Data Collection and Dissemination - Synthesis of Findings

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This report was compiled as part of a 10-country EU co-funded project coordinated by the Mental Disability Advocacy Center, Budapest. It starts by providing an overview of UN, CoE and EU instruments relevant to the collection and dissemination of data relating to children with mental disabilities in the justice system. Despite the existence of European and international guidance on data collection, national researchers reported that there was very little statistical or other data relating to disabled children and virtually no disaggregated data according to impairment types. Without such information, the nature and extent of the barriers to accessing justice which face these children remains hidden. This report explains the methodology used in this project and reflects on the experiences of those carrying out the research. It highlights the difficulties or obstacles which researchers encountered in their efforts to identify and access relevant data on this topic.


Recommendations flowing from this workstream can be found in a separate accompanying report here.


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