MDAC and Bulgarian partners have submitted information to the UN on high rates of institutionalisation, segregated schooling and denial of marriage rights of people with disabilities in Bulgaria.
MDAC and Forum for Human Rights (FORUM) submit information to the UN’s women’s right committee revealing widespread human rights violations against women with disabilities in the Czech Republic.
A woman with cerebral palsy and a mild intellectual disability takes her case to Strasbourg after being stripped of her right to make decisions about her life.
MDAC intervenes in a case concerning a man with an intellectual disability who was raped in a daycare centre, but whose evidence was thrown out of court. Now, the case will be heard by the European Court of Human Rights.
A Ugandan women with mental health issues pursues justice at the Kampala High Court after brutal treatment at the hands of the police.
Human rights experts from around the globe gathered for a workshop in Budapest focusing on sexual and reproductive rights for marginalised groups.
Making legal history, the Slovak Supreme Court this week ruled that children with disabilities must be supported to access mainstream inclusive education alongside their non-disabled peers. Directly applying international human rights law, the Court held that denial of inclusive education, in some circumstances, amounts to unlawful discrimination.
Nils Muižnieks, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, published a report this week following a visit to Slovakia earlier this year. It revealed that mainstream education is not inclusive of people with mental disabilities and that institutionalisation is still prevalent.
Landmark ruling: 4 year old girl with profound multiple disabilities is told by a court in Slovakia that she will not be institutionalised and that the local authority should provide her with in-home support.
Catalina Devandas-Aguilar – the UN Special Rapporteur on Disability – called on the Moldovan Government, following a visit to Moldova, to “take immediate action to close its institutions”.


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