Oliver Lewis directs the Mental Disability Advocacy Center. He is a lawyer by training and believes in inclusion for everyone, whatever their labels.
On this page, Oliver writes about current topics in human rights and disability. Please join in the conversation by leaving a comment. 
21 September 2016

Disability and the death penalty

Despite a clear ban on the death penalty in international law, countries continue to use this abusive practice. What are the implications for people with disabilities? And can the CRPD help restrict the application of the death penalty?
14 March 2016

Why should Bulgaria change its guardianship system?

Last week I was in Bulgaria and with colleagues we met members of the Government, the Parliament, the Ombudsman Office, the Supreme Court and civil society. I focused my visit on the draft law which would abolish guardianship for people with disabilities and introduce supported decision-making. MDAC’s interest is that we have litigated the two leading European cases against Bulgaria, and have been working with NGOs on the law reform process. I was invited to give a speech to an international conference on Friday that argued why all sectors of Bulgarian society should get behind the draft law.
15 September 2015

Provoking a mental health revolution in Buenos Aires

Argentina’s mental health system needs shaking up. I spent a few days with its savvy public defenders. They’re ideally-placed to create legal havoc.