4(C). To the Minister of Justice

  1. Ensure that a robust complaints mechanism is introduced into all mental health facilities to ensure that everyone has access to free legal advice and assistance, given the allegations of ill-treatment occurring in these settings.
  2. Ensure that all allegations of abusive and coercive practices in psychiatric facilities are promptly investigated by a team independent from the Ministry of Health.
  3. Provide recognition, rehabilitation and compensation for harms caused by the mental health system, as detailed in this report.
  4. Initiate legislative amendments creating corporate criminal liability for mental health facilities which condone violations of international human rights law binding on the Czech Republic.
  5. In line with Article 33(3) of the CRPD, ensure that members of civil society, including representatives of non-governmental organsiations (NGOs), disabled persons organisations (DPOs) and persons with disabilities themselves are guaranteed access to monitor human rights standards related to all mental health and social care facilities and services in the country.
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